MLA's Esthetics llc

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We use Hard Wax and Soft Wax, as well as Sugar wax, depending on your waxing needs.

We offer Brow, Nose, Upper Lip and Chin waxing.  There is also Chest, Back, Under arm, full and half Arm waxing.  

Lets not forget our full and half Leg Waxing.

Finally, we also offer Bikini, Brazilian and Brazilian maintenance waxing.

(Sorry we don't do male Brazilians)

Waxing Menu Pricing  

Back or Chest Wax                     each          $30.00

Bikini Wax                                                 $30.00

Brazilian Wax                                            $55.00

Brazilian Maintenance Wax                        $35.00

Brazilian Maintenance pkg 3                      $90.00

Brow Wax                                                  $15.00

Chin, Lip or Nose Wax                each         $10.00

Full Arm Wax                                            $30.00

Full Leg Wax                                             $50.00

Half Arm Wax                                           $25.00

Half Leg  Wax                                           $35.00

Under Arm Wax                                        $20.00